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What is Slimming World and why I joined



Ok, so I thought I would start my slimming world blogging journey with a little introduction its only right… I hope you love this post and all the posts to come 😊
This post feels like such a long time coming, I joined slimming world on the 19th September 2018 at 15 stone 3lbs!! I have never been that big and until about 3 years ago I was a size 8, I have now lost 2stone 10.5lbs so far and currently weigh 12stone 6.5lbs. I can honestly say I have never felt better! No diet has ever worked for me and this might be one of the reasons I love slimming world so much, this is not a diet it is a full-on lifestyle change and I have now changed so much for the better! The best bit about slimming world is that you can still have all the amazing treats you love!
If you are here and reading this post I am sure you are either considering slimming world, have already joined or are just eager to learn more…
As I have been on the slimming world plan for just over 5 months, I feel like I am ready to share all! I am planning on blogging my journey, my losses, my gains and everything in between; starting with the question on everyone’s minds… What is slimming world?

Slimming world… Summed up.

Slimming world to me is a group of amazing supportive people that come together once a week to help with your journey. The plan is split into 5 sections:

1. Free Food – These are foods you can eat wherever whenever. EG Potatoes and Pasta (yes pasta!!!)
2. Speed Foods – Foods to help kick start your metabolism, every meal must include 1/3 speed food.
3. Healthy Extra A – Dairy products like milk and cheese. Thank god as I could not live without my morning brew!
4. Heal1thy Extra B – Fibre foods, 2 Alpen lights for example or 2 pieces of brown bread per day!
5. Syn1s – This is my favourite part, you get 15 syns per day so treats are always welcome on s11limming world – a milky way for example can be only 5.5 syns. I sometimes save all my 4week allowance up for the weekend!

Why I started
I wanted to start slimming world in January 2018, but it is so daunting and I did not know a single person there so I just kept making excuses not to go and carried on eating and got bigger and bigger, enough was enough!! I asked my friends at work if they wanted to join with me as the thought of going on my own was actually horrible… Someone seeing my weight freaked me out soo much!
With my friends by my side I jumped the gun and went to the closest group to me (if you go online and add your post code you can find a close group). I was welcomed immediately and no one judged anyone it was a lovely community and everyone was there for the same thing. I knew the time was right, especially with my wedding creeping up (1 year and 5 months eeeeek). I found my why.. my wedding and myself. What’s your why? Why do you want to do this?

My goal with slimming world

I am aiming by October 2019 to weigh 10 stone, this means I will have lost 5stone 3lbs! How crazy is that!!
I am on slimming world for life now and it has 100% changed me. I am going to blog it all including the exercise I am doing on top of the plan.
This is where you come in… If you are on a slimming world Journey or have been then please leave a comment, I want to know how far you have come. LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!
This post may not be the most exciting but, keep reading this section – lots more to come.
My next posts will include:
• What I eat in a day
• Low syn treats
• Speed foods that I love
• Meal planning and meal prep ideas
• Tips and tricks
• SP day prep and What is SP
• What is club 10

My weight loss so far
Total loss so far – 2stone 10.5lbs
Week 1 19/9/2018 – 4lbs off
Week 2 26/9/2018 – 4lbs off – ½ stone award
Week 3 3/10/2018 – 1.5lbs off
Week 4 10/10/2018 1lbs off
Week 5 17/10/2018 – 4lbs off– 1 stone award
Week 6 24/10/2018 – 1.5lbs off
Week 6 31/10/2018 – 1lbs off
Week 7 7/11/2018 – 5lbs off – 1 ½ stone award and club 10 award
Week 8 14/11/2018 – +1lbs on
Week 9 21/11/2018 – 3.5lbs off
Week 10 28/11/2018 – 2lbs off
Week 11 12/12/2018 – 3lbs off – 2 stone award
Week 12 19/12/2018 – 1lbs off
Week 13 2/1/2019 – +2lbs on (ooops, Christmas was gooood)
Week 14 9/1/2019 – 2lbs off
Week 15 16/9/2019 – 2lbs off
Week 16 23/1/2019 – 2.5lbs off – 2 ½ stone award
Week 17 30/1/2019 – 1lbs off
Week 18 6/2/2019 – +0.5lbs on
Week 19 13/2/2019 – 1.5lbs off
Week 20 20/2/2019 – 0.5lb off
Week 21 27/2/2019 – 1lb off
Week 22 6/3/2019 – to be continued


Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my first ever blog post, I am so excited for this new venture in my life.

This post is going to be all about me (and the blog of course).   I am sat in bed with a piping hot cup of tea watching EastEnders whilst my guy is working a late shift, I could not think of anything better to do right now than start this well over due blog as I have had this idea on my bucket list for over a year.

The aim for this blog post was to get to know each other,  I am going to tell you about myself now and I would hope you can comment to tell me about you, as one of the reasons of starting a blog was to meet people from different walks of life! So without further ado let’s get on with it…

Hi, my name is Louise (Lou) I’m 21 years old and live in Manchester with Dom my boyfriend,  in our newly bought house (You will find out more about this in blogs to come ).   I work full time in a call centre as a Marketing assistant, which is a job I love.

My hobbies include, horse riding (I have 2 horses, Cheeko and Layla), the gym, shopping, spending time with friends and family, and of course now I have my blog. I do feel like I keep busy.

My future blogs are going to be about all sorts, From beauty to lifestyle to fitness  so please keep reading.  My aim in the next few weeks is to upload good quality blogs with pictures (I didn’t feel this first blog needed any).

I am so bad at introducing me so if you have any question’s I will leave my contact info below

I thought this post could be an intro into what I am going to write about and publish on this page, I am only going to publish what I love – Beauty blogs, reviews (beauty, How to’s and books etc), favorites, real life stories all about me which I hope will be able to help you guys if you are in the same place in life.

I really hope you love what’s to come, I know this blog may be boring so sorrrry guys !!

My first blog is going to be a how to.. get the nail look on budget so stay tuned…

Thanks for reading,

Lou xx


The Versitile Award



I am so excited say I have been nominated by the lovely @sunburntAloe ( for the Versatile Blogger award. I am so honoured to be nominated and recognised for any award because I have only just started blogging. I love to think that someone out there reads and likes my blog so thank you for my nomination. Right lets get to it then..
So, the rules are:
1. Share 7 facts about yourself;
2. Nominate / recognise 15 other bloggers for this award.

7 facts about me –

1. I go and work in New York every once in a while.
2. I grew up on a farm and I always go to my mums to ride my horse.
3. I am obsessed with Peanut butter.
4. I own a house in Florida and go once every two years – When I say I own it I mean my Dad but what’s his is mine haha!
5. I am a stationary addict – Paperchase is my weakness!
6. I am Half Greek, I have never even been to Greece and I am also really pale but my mum is 100% Greek.
7. I could watch the vampire diaries all day every day!

I hope you enjoyed these facts about me, please comment some facts about yourself I always like to know your answers.

My Nominees are:
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I have chosen these 15 blogs because they are all amazing so please go and check out!



Ask Lou

Hi Guys, welcome to my first ever Ask Lou post.

I have decided that part of my blog will be an advice column as sometimes you just need another person’s opinion and I always want to help, I am going to start this section of my blog off with a question I was emailed a few days ago…

Hi Lou,

I am in need of some help with college I am supposed to be applying for colleges after Christmas but I honestly do not know what want I want to do.

How do I make my mind up?

Do I do A levels or do I do an NVQ or an apprenticeship and how do I make my mind up?

Love Gemma

 Hi Gemma,

I remember this problem when I was your age, I honestly don’t understand how anyone can know exactly what they want to do whilst they are in school, I have only just figured it out in the past 6 months or so…

I would suggest you think firstly about how you learn for example will you do better in a classroom environment or will you find it easier to be learning through actually doing practical things?

Once you have established this I would suggest you think about what you enjoy, when i went to college I really enjoyed health and social care and hairdressing so I went into the college I wanted to go to and asked for as much information as I could get about those two subjects which really helped.

I would suggest doing something that can get you into uni as it will take 2 years at least to do a level 3 NVQ or to do A levels so when you come to applying for uni you may want to do something completely different but then at least you will have the qualifications to get in.

I would highly recommend an apprentiship, even though you aren’t earning much you are earning but I personally find it more fun to get stuck in and I learn by being thrown into the deep end.

If you are struggling to pick one subject then maybe A levels are for you?

I would suggest to pick something you think you will enjoy just to try, you can always switch classes if you don’t like it.

I really hope this helps your decision in choosing your subjects and I wish you the best of luck with all your exams.

Lou xx

Here is another question that has come into my inbox this morning:

Hi Lou,

I am in a rut with my relationship. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a while now and it’s just not the same anymore we have no spark and after such a long relationship I don’t want to just give up. What would you do?



Hey Anon,

I have been there myself, I have actually written a blog post about it I will link it below:

Hope this helps,

Lou xx

I really hope you all like the Ask Lou adddition to the blog and if you would like any advice please DM me or email I would love to try and help you all.

Let me know what you think and please comment if you can add to the advice…

Thanks for reading,

Lou xx


Get fit with me – Intro

You’re probably reading the title of this post thinking this girl is going to be so slim and a fitness professional… Well you could not be more wrong, I am a proud curvy girl who just wants to lose some weight and feel healthy.

I have actually recently discovered that I have a chronic illness that affects my thyroid which means my body finds it easy to put weight on and so hard to lose it. After discovering this fact about myself I decided to start this well being journey to improve my fitness and start to love me for me. If you feel the same way I would love for you to follow me on my journey and let me know your results.

In this section of my blog I will be documenting my fitness routines, giving you healthy recipe ideas, giving you all updates on my thyroid and sharing my experience using meal replacement shakes.

My first real post on this section is going to be a week 1 diary input telling you all about how I am managing with the meal replacement shakes, if you are interested in starting diet shakes then I will be your Guinea pig ha!

Please come along for the ride so we can motivate each other and share results. I would love you to comment giving me any tips for health and fitness and if you have any questions please let me know! I am also starting this fitness challenge so wish me luck.. I think I will need it!


Stay tuned guys 🙂


The 7 year itch and how we turned it around

Have you ever thought how hard it would be to lose the person you love?

I never even thought this would be something I would need to think of, Dom and I were amazing and childhood sweethearts… Could we really be heading for heartbreak? Just as that thought come to mind the 7 year itch struck…

Me and Dom Haven’t been working for a while now, I feel like we have grown lazy in our relationship, we have always had each other around and we know we will always have each other around so maybe we thought there was no point in trying anymore which is so wrong you always have to try in every relationship.

I am going to tell you how we realized this and how we broke out of our routine to become a happy couple again.

The moment I actually realised we were going through a rocky patch was a Wednesday night when I can home from work and went straight upstairs to read my book in the bedroom I was so unhappy I just felt so alone and although I had someone there who loved me I had never felt so unloved in my life. I felt like I had no one and I could not speak to anyone about it because I hate sharing my true feelings with people. I hate arguments and awkwardness and whenever I had mentioned I was unhappy to Dom an argument was started so I learned to keep quiet.

I think at this point I was so down and so was he, I was trapped, arguments unravelled, and night after night again as we had both been bottling the same feelings up for so long now.

After this night we both sat down and decided that things needed to change! We were once the power couple that everyone was jealous of and we had everything going for us, we both have jobs we love and a house together why weren’t we happy?

Changing your relationship is so hard but here’s how we did it…

The first thing we changed was how we spent time together, usually when we were together we would always be staring at our phones or the TV and this is not me at all I HATE when I see couples in restaurants or out and about staring at their phones and not talking and now this was us. We decided from now on when we talk to each other or on a date night we would put down the phones and completely be in the moment with each other. This helped in so many ways we finally reconnected and could really listen to each other. After 7 at night we started leaving our phones out of the picture and giving each other more attention, this helped us so much and still does till this day.

The next thing we changed or really re started was being spontaneous! Both of us have always been such fun outgoing people and when our relationship was suffering we didn’t want to do anything together. We started planning days out for each other things like, going for a nice lunch or going to the zoo or even just going for a drive and seeing where we ended up. Making memories together is the best way of revamping and the best days we have ever had were on these days out, I think my favorite has to be driving to a random place and exploring.

I realised that understanding the others need and how they are loved is the most important thing you can do, I did this by realizing that Dom and I like to be loved in different ways I like to be cuddled and given affection because to me this shows someone cares about me and Dom like spending quality time together out of the house and doesn’t always want to be smothered. I could never accept this before and now we both understand each other’s needs we can work on that and make the relationship mutual. This doesn’t mean we can never be affectionate it just means that it doesn’t have to be all the time.  Always remember to compromise and think about the other person’s needs.

I don’t know about you but personally I am a really stubborn person and never like to apologise first it’s such a bad trait so leaning how to apologise first was a huge change for me, you should never let your pride get in the way of your relationship and it’s not that hard to admit you made a mistake.

Finally the last change we made was to take care of our issues and speak up about our feelings so they don’t boil up inside, remember there is a solution to everything.

After we made these changes we have both been the happiest we have ever been and Dom is my best friend again the love between us is stronger than it ever has been. I hope this post helped if you are going through a similar situation and please feel free to ask any questions I am happy to answer and help you. I feel that you should always try to fix a relationship before you give up and I am so glad I fixed mine as we both could not imagine live without each other now.











The Get to Know Me Tag

So, following on from my first blog post, I wanted to share some more things about myself so you could get to know the person behind Life Of Lou! I thought it might be fun to do the get to know me tag and I would love you to answer these questions as well… Enjoy!

Question 1 – What is your favorite colour?

My favorite colour has always been orange, I love it because it’s bright and cheery.

Question 2 – what is your favorite thing to do where you live?

I live just outside of Manchester, I think the best thing to do is probably shop I love the Trafford centre that place is pure happiness.

Question 3 – Where is your favorite place to go alone?

When I used to live with my mum and dad we lived on a farm, it wasn’t a working farm but there was a lot of land and when I needed alone time I would walk up to the well which was covered with concrete and sit there dangling my legs over the side. It is so peaceful there watching the day go by it’s a really good spot to have some you time. The view was so nice.

View - The get to know me blog

Question 4 – What is your favorite season?

I love autumn, I love the colours of the tree’s and the nice cosy nights in.

Question 5 – What is your favorite holiday?

CHRISTMAS, of course. I love that it’s such a magical time.

Question 6 – Why did you start blogging?

I have always wanted to write a blog, I have always loved writing and I am so passionate about my blog. I wanted a platform where I can express myself and find people that I have things in common with.

Question 7 – What is your favorite TV show?

This is such a hard question… I love things like The vampire diaries, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars I actually can’t pick a favorite.

Question 8 – If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Ok, so I have two and they are so different but the first one is New York because I it’s the best city in the world and I love the atmosphere the other is Thailand because there are some beautiful paradise island spots, either of those would do (Emoji)

Question 9 – What do you do as a hobby?

Since I was three I have done horse riding, I absolutely love it and my babies!! A more recent Hobby is Blogging which I am trying so hard to make my blog the best it can be (I’m still learning). Here’s a picture of my baby Cheeko!


Question 10 – What would a day in your life be like?

I like all my days to be different, on a weekend I usually like to have a lie in until about 9 ish (it’s a lie in for me!) and then get up and depending on how I’m feeling I will either get ready to go out for the day, maybe into town to do some shopping or to go and see a friend. If I fancy a chilled out morning, I usually catch up on blogs and you tube videos whilst having breakfast, I do like to go to the gym on a Saturday because it’s so quiet and I always feel better after a good workout. At the moment whilst I am still working out the blogging life my weekends are devoted to my blog.

Question 11 – What is your favorite beauty product?

I literally cannot pick a favorite beauty produce… But I can pick a favorite beauty accessory, I can’t live without eye lash curlers my eyelashes are so straight so I have to use them every day. I have the Estée Lauder ones, I love them!

Estee lauder

Question 12 – What is your favorite food?

I just love food, I don’t think I have a favorite

Question 13 – What is your least favorite food?

I absolutely hate mushrooms even the look of them makes me sick :(.

Question 14 – What is your best childhood memory?

I think every holiday I ever went on with my family as a child, we went to the best places, Florida, Spain etc. I love spending time with family and making memories.

Question 15 – What is your middle name?

My Middle name is Elizabeth!

Question 16 – Cats or Dogs?

I love animals but I prefer dogs over cats. Here’s my dog Rosie, she is so soft!


Question 17 – Tea or Coffee?

Both, It depends what mood I’m in.

Question 18 – What is my Ideal first date?

Probably a bit boring by my ideal first date would be going out for drinks, I think it’s the best place to get to know someone and if it’s awkward well you can just get drunk.

Question 19 – Do you speak any other languages?

I speak a little bit of Spanish, my mum is fluent so she tried to teach me.

Question 20 – What is your favorite perfume?

YSL black opium, I absolutely love it. I need a new bottle though so I haven’t used it in a while.


Question 21 – What is your favorite animal?

A giraffe because they are soooo cute.

Question 22 – What is your favorite drink?

A porn star martini, I am legit addicted.


Question 23 – How tall are you?

I am 5 foot 2 and a half inches… The half counts!

Question 24 – What is your star sign?

I was born in May so it’s Taurus which means I’m feisty!

Question 25 – One thing that is on your bucket list

On the top of my bucket list is to travel the world! Starting 2021 the year after I get married 🙊

I hope you feel like you know me a little better now haha! Let me know if you would like me to answer any more questions and please let me know your answers I am looking forward to getting to know you better.


How to… Nails On Budget

nails orig.jpg


How gorgeous are these nails?! There is nothing better than a fresh set and these would be so perfect for summer.. The only problem is, I always feel guilty spending so much money on something I could do myself, don’t you?


Here is a step by step guide on how to get this nail look using Gel polish on a budget I hope you enjoy (and save some money)!


What you need


Step 1

Apply the false nails – Push your cuticles back using the cuticle pusher then glue the false nails on with the brush on nail glue. Once the false nails are glued on, buff the nails down to remove the shine and wipe them with the prep and wipe.




Step 2

Apply the base coat to all your false nails and then cure under the UV Lamp for 2 minutes.

Base coat uv


Step 3

Apply the colour – Apply the white nail gel to the thumb and little finger, the pink gel polish to the ring and index finger and apply the gold to the middle fingers.  Once this is on cure under the UV lamp for two minutes and repeat until you have the desired look. I would recommend 2-3 coats.




Step 4

Apply the top coat to all the nails and then cure again under the UV lamp for 2 minutes.

Step 5

Once the top coat is cured, pour prep and wipe on a lint free pad and wipe down the nails to remove the sticky residue.

Step 6

Now you have the perfect colour it’s time to shape the nails, grab a nail buffer and shape the nails into the coffin shape using 3 movements 1. Buff the left side at an angle then the right side and then straighten the front of the nail.



And your nails are done…  How gorgeous are they?!  I am so excited to see how they turned out!


I really hope you enjoyed this post, please don’t forget to show it some love ;)!!


Links / Where to buy

UV lamp  –

Prep and wipe and Lint free wipes  –

White nail Gel no. 11 –

Nail Glue (brush on) – Body Care

Pink Nail Gel no. 52 –

Gold glitter gel polis –

Top and Base coat –

Nail Buffers –